The first edition of the BARCELONA ONE HEART INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL FESTIVAL was in April 2019 powered by his director Ramon Escalé and a group of enthusiastic collaborators for the idea of presenting the current face of the gospel in the city of Barcelona.

In that edition participated figures such as the American composer, artist, and record producer Donald Lawrence, Bazil Meade, a reference of European gospel and founder and leader of the London Community Gospel Choir, Anette Bowen, Rebecca Thomas, Messengers, Goizargi Gospel Choir, Esclat, and the Sant Andreu Jazz Band.

After the success of the proposal, the production company ANEXA joined the project, but the Festival had to stop the edition planned for 2020, obviously because of the Covid-19 pandemic that affected all of us.

Despite coming out of the scourge of the omicron variant, the second edition of the Festival was held again with resounding success in March 2022, this time with the participation of figures such as Isaac Cates, Bazil Meade, Hans Christian Jochimsen, Lurine Cato, Didier Likeng, Messengers, Goizargi Gospel Choir, Esclat Gospel Singers and the European Gospel Choir composed of more than 100 singers. In that edition, the Festival went a step further by taking one of the concerts to the Palau de la Música Catalana and also taking the gospel to the streets in a popular concert held in the Plaça Reial.

The ONE HEART festival has a unique format in the musical panorama of our country and is dedicated entirely to the musical style of gospel. ONE HEART is more than just a “festival”, it is a place to learn and perform with relevant figures of the international gospel. It is a formula in which lovers of this musical genre, whether they are individuals or members of a choir, will learn and improve their interpretative and vocal skills, deepen their technique and learn new tricks, all with the opportunity to be making music. Because the essence of this festival, which is the essence of the gospel, is to live together and share. This is an international gathering of all those who love this music, beyond the beliefs, backgrounds, and traditions of each one.

And now… Let's go for the third Festival!