Workshop Biographies of International Gospel Festival Barcelona 2022

Hans Christian


I have been writing songs for more than 20 years. I mainly write gospel music and praise & worship..

My songs are personal. I don’t write about stuff I have read in a book – I write about my life. I write about the things that makes me happy and the things that makes me sad.

My songs are being sung by choirs and in churces all over Europe, in the US, in Japan and even in Africa.

I direct the largest choir in Europe (to my knowledge): Copenhagen Gospel Voices with more than 500 voices. I am also the director of Opstand Gospel Choir, which I founded 19 years ago.

Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) in 2001. That was my first time teaching in the US and there were more than 3000 singers in the choir.

In 2008 I directed a mass choir of 4000 voices in Germany at the 4. International Gospelkirchentag. I am part of the Soul Children movement in Norway. I have written several songs for them, and have been teaching at their annual Soul Children Festival for the last 5 years. I encourage everyone that works with kids to join us in Oslo for one of these festivals. 1500 kids singing soul and gospel! Read more about Soul Children here.

Since 1995 I have set up more than 20 gospel festivals in Denmark – and so many workshops that I have lost count. Some of my more recent events have been bringing Kirk Franklin to Denmark for 3 concerts in 2008 & 2009.Every summer I lead 3 weeks of ”Summer gospel” workshops. For these workshops I invite some of the best gospel directors, singers and musicians to teach with me.