20th march program del International Gospel Festival Barcelona 2022

20th march 2022

10:00 / 12:30
Workshop to prepare the concert in the Plaza Real

Foyer Gran Teatre del Liceu
La Rambla, 55-59– 08001 BARCELONA

With: Bazil Meade, Isaac Cates, Didier Likeng, Lurine Cato, Hans Christian Jochimsen i Ramon Escalé

13:00 / 14:00
Gospel Feast in the Plaça Reial

Plaça Reial. 08002 Barcelona

In the style of the Service and Gospel celebrations that can be seen and heard on Sunday morning in many churches in the United States and increasingly, in the rest of the world, we propose the celebration of a very special participatory concert in the framework of the Plaza Real.

With the musicians and soloists located in the centre of the square on a small stage, the singers attending the Festival from different parts of the world will surround the stage concentrically, so that there will not be a “front” or a “behind” promoting that the public integrates in a natural way with the singers and live from within and not only as spectators, the songs, the music and the implicit joy of the Gospel.

All the artists and singers participating in One Heart Festival 2.022 will be part of this concert that is important in terms of numbers but also great in terms of the spirit that inspires it.

The public will be proposed to participate in different moments of the concert, and they will be taught a simple song so that it can be added without problem, thus enhancing the participatory and community message of the Gospel.

14:00 a 16:00

Lunch break

16:00 / 17:30

In-House Concert

Place: Foyer Gran Teatre del Liceu
La Rambla, 55-59– 08001 BARCELONA

All registered participants and those responsible for the workshops will sing together in an exclusive space to celebrate the end of the intense weekend.

17:45 a 19:15